“Actions speaks LOUDER than words.”

As the saying goes,  The people you RELY on don’t talk much, but are ALWAYS there.

The same goes for your email… These are great Call to Action words that makes HUGE impact – and INCREASES your conversion rates. Want to emphasize your Call to Action? Use UPPER CASE.

You can also test your buttons by split testing your Landing Pages.

When considering your Call to Actions (CTA’s), make sure they are not only there to help with conversion… They should help your audience REMOVE any doubts of what to do next.

GUIDANCE is as important as having powerful actionable words to help your landing pages… Another consideration is to have clear expectation of what’s going to happen next.

People feel comfortable knowing what the future holds, by using language and phrases that help them with this, your conversion rate will be higher.   As much as some might argue otherwise – we don’t like surprises.

Call to Actions are just one out of many ways to get your subscribers in.

Here are some jam packed Motivational, Powerful, Straight Forward phrases you can start using TODAY:

  1. Click Here

  2. Click Now

  3. Download Now

  4. Immediate download

  5. Download Immediately

  6. Instant Download

  7. Instantly Download

  8. Learn Today

  9. Take Action Today

  10. Take Action Now

  11. One Step Closer

  12. Step One (Step One: Click Here, Step One: Enter Your Email, Go to Step Two)

  13. It’s Your Opportunity

  14. Opportunity Awaits

  15. Try it free

  16. Join now

  17. Join the Club

  18. Your Invitation

  19. Get Yours Now

  20. Get it Now

  21. Grab Yours Now

  22. Grab Your Free Copy (eBook, Offer)

  23. Reserve Your Seat NOW

  24. Offer expires in/on _______

  25. For a short time only

  26. Limited Time

  27. R.S.V.P Only

  28. Sign Up Now and receive a free gift

  29. Request your FREE Book today

  30. Money Back Promise

  31. Best value

  32. Only 15 Copies Left

  33. Expires at midnight tonight

  34. Free Offer Ends 12pm EST

  35. ACT NOW

  36. Sign up now, while you still can…

As a list builder, I am a HUGE advocate of split testing – always looking for what works. When I find it, I go big with it.

When using any of these Call to Action words, you really want to get the feel for your audience. Test this on your list. Use the same words so when you send your List another email. See if it triggers the same reaction.

If it doesn’t… reword your content with a different call to action words and look at your data. Segment your list and do a split test on campaigns. Keep on working until you get the RESULTS you want.

Just remember, Prominent Call to Actions like saying “CLICK HERE FOR SAVINGS” will get you in trouble. DON’T provide any hidden agenda or promises you can’t deliver on…. If you are offering a free book, then its free.

If your product is going to help them make money, do not promise “CLICK HERE TO START MAKING $5,000”. It’s spammy, will ruin your sender reputation and without any disclaimer it’s also illegal to give false claims.

So, use and test your call to action to see what works for you and for your subscribers.

Let me know in the comments below what you think and ways you plan to increase YOUR subscribers activity…



This article was adapted from and first appeared on SendLane, one of the many email service providers I use on a daily basis.  Try them out with a free 14 day trial NOW (See what I did there 😉