Welcome, I’m Jamie Waters, I live in the country in West Yorkshire, UK and I am an experienced Internet Marketeer.  I live a ‘laptop lifestyle’ and make a living showing people and companies how to succeed online.

Jamie as an officer in the Army Cadet Force

Jamie as an officer in the Army Cadet Force

Before I joined the Internet Marketing industry I was in Advertising, and also spent 10 years instructing Army Cadets.

Apart from waiting tables at Pizza Hut I have never worked for anyone other than myself.  I have always looked for ways to make money, from converting VHS videos into DVDs to selling bin liners on eBay to help get me through university.

I joined the industry in 2010 and after experiencing interesting days at the start of  my journey (I’ll certainly share some of the horror stories when we meet at a live event sometime) – I went on to build two 6 figure a year businesses and more recently create a team that turns-over more than $500,000 a month in sales.

By following the training and teachings of my long time mentor Mark Hoverson, I’ve been able to establish myself both online and offline as a trusted mentor, business adviser and personal coach.  A very long way from humble beginnings.

Jamie Waters Working in Sorrento, 2013

Working in Sorrento, 2013

I have a strong vision and goals the future – aside from being more involved with charitable and philanthropic pursuits, I spend a large amount of time with my team and personal clients to make sure that they are achieving the results that they require.

My free time is mainly taken up with travelling the world and experiencing new cultures and visiting new places.  You can follow some of my trips on the Jamie’s Travels page or on Facebook.

Having lunch with Mark Hoverson in San Diego

Having lunch with Mark Hoverson in San Diego

I absolutely love the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Industry – the power to be able to have ‘push button’ income, where you can send an email and receive sales as a result, is so powerful.  The freedom that it gives, not just the money it can produce, allows you to do what you want, when you want and where you want.  No longer are people ordered around by a boss they don’t like, or have to commute for hours on end.

If you have been thinking of generating some extra income to pay the bills, or fancy a complete lifestyle change – providing you are committed, coachable and can follow instructions, I would be happy to show you the exact steps to follow.

Thousands of others have done the same, will you be next?

Enjoy your journey