Author: Jamie Waters

36 Dynamic Call to Action Words that People Will Go Crazy For

“Actions speaks LOUDER than words.” As the saying goes,  The people you RELY on don’t talk much, but are ALWAYS there. The same goes for your email… These are great Call to Action words that makes HUGE impact – and INCREASES your conversion rates. Want to emphasize your Call to Action? Use UPPER CASE. You can also test your buttons by split testing your Landing Pages. When considering your Call to Actions (CTA’s), make sure they are not only there to help with conversion… They should help your audience REMOVE any doubts of what to do next. GUIDANCE is...

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How To Make Your Emails Pop

Today I want to tell you about a couple of common blunders people make with their emails which decreases response and absolutely kills sales. The first and biggest is kind of obvious… People don’t mail enough. And you can fix that easily by simply making a commitment to email your list on a regular basis. Daily is best. The next big mistake people make is they’re always pitching a product, without using any kind of a story in the email. IMO, that’s a BIG mistake. There’s a time to strictly sell, but if all you do is pitch your product in...

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Private Vacation Club Webinar

You don’t want to miss this… Mark Hoverson reveals how he made his fortune.. going from qualifying for food stamps to making millions of dollars in a few short years… by selling AND USING this amazing product. I’ve been a member for the last 2 years and absolutely love it, I guarantee you will do too! If you are a serious affiliate marketer or someone who would like to (or does) travel… you need to watch this 37 minute replay straight away. Purchase your membership here When you look to sell something.. you need to think ‘what can I...

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Learn how to ‘Compress Time’ and be more productive

I had a coaching call on Monday and trying to hire an Escalade hit home the concept of ‘compressing time’.. today we look at how it can benefit you if you just make a couple of tweaks to your daily routine. Enjoy! PS, if you are nervous about your first video done like my client was… Follow my 3p’s; Prepare what you are going to say (either by notes, or in your head.. have half an idea, it makes it easier and makes you appear more confident) Practise for 10 seconds (this tests the sound and lighting quality etc)...

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Q & A: What Should I Promote This Week?

One of the greatest things about Elite Marketing Pro is that you’ve got a plethora of options… If you’re into Video Marketing, you can promote the Simple Video Script Formula… If you’re into Blogging, you can promote the Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post… With that said, I understand that sometimes it can be a bit confusing or overwhelming for the novice marketer… And we arrive at the question… “What should I promote this week?” To answer you very simply: “Just ONE offer.” Trying to promote all of them simultaneously is exactly how you get yourself into a tangled...

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