Author: Jamie Waters

Creating a Mailing List

There comes a time when everyone online needs a list, but how do we go about getting that list? Here is a very short quick fire video on how to setup a MailChimp mailing list (grab your free account here: I cover setting up lists and customising forms. Hope it helps you get off the ground! Share...

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The One Strike and you are OUT stance to referring

  How many times do you have to talk to someone or show them a video/website about your opportunity before the join? Once? Twice? Twenty times? Are they on your ‘no for now, yes for later’ list?  Which basically means “Sod off, stop pestering me” Are you member of the NFL club? Sadly that’s not some amazing American Football club, its the ‘No Friends Left’ club – you have pushed opportunity after opportunity to the same people who have got fed up of your insistent ramblings about one opportunity after another. Well, what if I told you I could show you an opportunity...

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