He Has Cancer & He Made $30,000 Last Month With ILN! [Insane]

I am pretty much lost for words.

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He Has Cancer & He Made $30,000 Last Month With ILN!

Steve Barnes is the TOP INCOME affiliate of The Internet Lifestyle Network with his biz partner Jeremy Neal… and last month they made over $30,000 together… but today we are going to focus on Steve Barnes.

What the most impressive thing about Steve Barnes is… is that he has become our top income affiliate while fighting cancer!

… and in fact, he is going back right now to go through another round of Chemo to fight it off again.

Steve is one of the hardest working, most dedicated people in our ILN family… he inspires everyone he is around, and simply exudes passion that cannot be described unless you watch one of his videos.

For a man who is going through the toughest time of his life, you would NEVER KNOW IT!

He is a military helicopter pilot right now as well, and his “why” of working with our company is to stay home with his wonderful wife and daughter. He doesn’t want to leave them anymore.

When Steve found out he had cancer over 8 months ago, he also realized that life was short and he wanted to leave amazing memories for his daughter.

So he literally came into our business just to start blogging to leave memories, just in case the good Lord came and took him away to heaven.

His attitude is amazing, and I guarantee there isn’t anyone else on this planet that has cancer, that has the amazing attitude that Steve has right now.

Enjoy the video…

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