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As I thumb through my news feed this Sunday night watching all these entrepreneurs desperately promote their businesses… It saddens me. If they only knew constant promotion of their products is only going to crush any chance they had of using Facebook for success.

If you notice my profile, I promote products and services probably about 20% of the time I post an update… and 80% of time I am posting pure value, motivation, or inspiration from experiences I am going through and have seen others before me go through.

I’ve made literally thousands of sales off Facebook over the last few years because I naturally do this 80/20 rule. Post 80% value, promote 20% of the time. (Anna HATES that I ‘play on Facebook’ all day)

There is nothing worse than having a Facebook friend that consistently blast their products. (Or send you messages constantly pitching the next best thing) That shows desperation, lack of character, and a lack of truly caring for other people. If you want to be an amazing entrepreneur you need to start learning daily, and sharing that value daily. The leaders you follow all offer value and follow the 80/20 rule.

Most of the time though its not your fault. In sales and marketing there are only two ‘modes’ – ‘trained’ or ‘untrained’. Just get trained.

If that sounds like too much work for you, then you need to stay at your J.O.B. and give up ever becoming an entrepreneur or chasing that lifestyle you’ve always wanted (you know, never missing your kids sports day, going to the gym on a Monday morning rather than that 2 hour commute.. that sorta thing).

People buy products from people they trust and have respect for. No one is going to respect you if you are constantly pitching your business opportunity or products.

The value I share everyday comes from the experience of working hard – failing, succeeding but most of all taking ACTION.

A few people have asked if I use a copy writer for my emails and some FB posts – honest answer is NO! Not many of you out there know I’m dyslexic either. So yea, I’m rubbish at spelling and putting words together and it annoys the hell out of me when I type the word several times before I work out the spelling, or I use a different meaning of it (damn English language) or when I’ve read something 10 times and think its perfect, only for someone to rip it to bits. (hint – its doesn’t have to be perfect to make money – it just hast to be DONE and OUT THERE)

The impact of posts are much bigger when the words, videos, updates and value comes from your own mouth – I’m always more the delighted when people steal my stuff for their own gain. Its pretty humbling to see some posts go viral

So yea, nick whatever you like, I know its hard starting out and working out your direction – but give value like you have never given value before and 2014 will become your year.

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