This make money online industry is currently broken...

Unfortunately you are getting taught things that only work for people who can sit behind the computer screen all day,

you are getting taught methods that worked 5 years ago, but people are still trying to profit off them,

you are getting taught “new social media methods” that aren’t really working, they just have an email list they can market something new too.

you are getting told personal sales numbers that are B.S. because it’s the affiliates who are selling for them,

you are getting taught “setup a simple website” and leads will automatically come to you,

you are getting taught from people who have big emails lists from when internet advertising was dirt cheap 5 years ago and it only cost 5 dollars to get 5,000 people to their website, and these people have been dying ever since, just trying to make product after product trying to suck money out of what they have left of their email list,

you are getting taught things that will only work if you have a huge budget,

you are getting taught things that worked once for someone, and they are trying to “ride that train” as far as they can,

you are getting taught things that won’t be relevant 30 days from now,

you are getting taught this industry is easy, when it takes more guts than working for someone else,

you are getting taught everything wrong, when this industry can treat you so right.

…The make money online industry is currently broken, but the The Internet Lifestyle Network is going to fix it.

There are a few of my leader friends out here online who are on the same mission that I am and I have nothing but mad respect for them.

But the majority of the people you are going to run across online right now are speaking plain and utter rubbish

Learn the skills. Be careful. Stay safe.

They’ll fade off eventually, and many of them have.

You can only fake it for so long and make it.

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