Just thumbing through my timeline and see a lot of ‘income proof pics’ being posted…. While its great and all to occasionally share some success never forget to lead with VALUE and PRODUCT.

Which part of the product has helped you make that much?

When a potential prospect or customer see’s the income picture the first question they’ll have (besides possible jealousy/envy/bitterness) is ‘how?’. Then ‘how can I do this too?’

Remember the “future otaku” – the future you can give to your prospect. Your customer doesn’t want to buy your shake because it tastes nice (!) they want to buy it because of the way it will make them look and feel.

A customer doesn’t want to join The Internet Lifestyle Network, for example, because they want to work hard on Facebook, learn the skills they need and build a legacy, no – they want to join because it has the potential to give them a lifestyle that has no boundaries, no boss and can literally work anywhere in the world that has an internet connection with skills transferable to anything.

Focus on the future result by helping someone expand their vision and their life – not by showing them how much money can be made.

We can all make money, that is the easy thing.

But can we change someone’s life? That is the greatest gift ever.


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