One of the greatest things about Elite Marketing Pro is that you’ve got a plethora of options…

If you’re into Video Marketing, you can promote the Simple Video Script Formula

If you’re into Blogging, you can promote the Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

With that said, I understand that sometimes it can be a bit confusing or overwhelming for the novice marketer… And we arrive at the question…

“What should I promote this week?”

To answer you very simply: “Just ONE offer.”

Trying to promote all of them simultaneously is exactly how you get yourself into a tangled mess. (even for someone who does this full-time, that’s a serious undertaking)

You can get FAR more accomplished when you choose an offer you’re interested in and run with it.

But, then another question arises…

“Which one is the BEST one for me to promote?”

And I think that’s where most affiliates get stuck.

To solve this question once and for all… There is no RIGHT or WRONG offer within the Elite Marketing Pro system.

All of them have the opportunity to be massively successful within their own little context…

Example: You wouldn’t promote the Video Marketing offer to a community of Paid Advertisers… They’re just not that into it.

With that said, you could promote the Blogging offer to a list of people who are into recording videos – with the spin of doing video blog posts.

So, yes…

You can mix and match and warp the message to match the audience.

But, at the end of the day… The wheel is still the wheel. (and can’t get any rounder)

1.  Choose and offer you’re really interested in.

2.  Find an audience that is into the same thing.

3.  And help them find your affiliate link.

Simplicity begets profit.

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