The 6 steps to success!

How to be successful

Just had an message from someone asking me about how to be successful.

This was my response…

“Here are some steps for success. Not matter what level you are at..

1 – Make the Decision to be successful. No matter How much money you have or don’t have.

2 – Decide to go “All In”. What ever business you are doing. You MUST commit at the top level. Commitment breads commitment. Ask yourself, “If I’m ‘playing’ at it, how can I expect others to take it seriously?”

3 – Set a date to be at your next level. Getting started, upgrading, going all in, making an income level. Remember that the 95% of people who do not set goals, work for the 5% of people who do.

4 – Work everyday with your “why” in the front of your mind. Use a dream-board or similar.

5 – Find out the actions others have done to get the results you want… and do them

6 – Don’t stop until you reach your goal

That’s as hard and simple as it needs to be. ”

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