How many times do you have to talk to someone or show them a video/website about your opportunity before the join?



Twenty times?

Are they on your ‘no for now, yes for later’ list?  Which basically means “Sod off, stop pestering me”

Are you member of the NFL club? Sadly that’s not some amazing American Football club, its the ‘No Friends Left’ club – you have pushed opportunity after opportunity to the same people who have got fed up of your insistent ramblings about one opportunity after another.

Well, what if I told you I could show you an opportunity where you genuinely don’t have to recruit or build a ‘downline’ in order to succeed?

What if I told you that you only need to show the opportunity to people that you really care about – not anyone with a pulse like 99% of all the other smoke and mirrors opportunities out there.

“Naa Jamie, I dont believe you – sounds ‘too good to be true’.” – fine my friend, jog on by.  I wouldn’t want you in my team anyway with an attitude like that.

If you would like your ‘pitch’ to be simply

Hi Jamie, what do you do for your online advertising at the moment?   If I could show you a way for you to purchase banner advertising with a company that then gives you a profit-share of twice what you purchased – would you be interested?

If the answer is anything other than a ‘Yes’ it is swiftly followed by;

That’s fine Jamie – I wont mention this to you ever again because this fully works if you get started or not – I was more trying to do you a favour.  But you know where I am if you change your mind.

Then STOP.  Don’t waste a single breath talking about this opportunity with them again, remember, YOU DON’T NEED THEM.  Good, eh?

If you would like to know more follow the details on the contact jamie page, or send me a skype, refJamie – and we’ll get you started.

If you don’t grasp what I just said and have no interest in the concept of purchasing something and receiving twice back what you spent in the first place – don’t get in touch, because frankly, your weird.

See you on the beach, or not… that’s totally up to you..