I sent an email to my list yesterday and asked people for the number 1 thing that would help them take things up a level.

The overwhelming reply came back – “I would like to have more confidence on camera”.

So I thought I’d shoot a quick video and go over my top three tips for being confident on camera

    1. Imagine you are talking to the device you are holding or looking into.  Just the two of you.
    2. Prepare.  If you have something in bullet point form that you want to cover, you will be more confident with the subject matter and hand
    3. Practise.  The more videos you do, the more confident you become – it really is that simple.  Try to expel any bad habits early so you can become ‘polished’ as quickly as possible.


HAVE FUN!  Don’t see video as a chore, see it has a fun way of expressing yourself and building relationships with your audience.

What are your top three tips?  Shoot them in the comments below;

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