– Spam your links all over the place
– Post other people results saying they’re yours
– Message others with the intent to SELL them something
– Lie about your results


– Provide value
– Make friends (FB is a social networking site, not a business pitch fest)
– Be yourself
– Don’t try and impress people
– Post your results, doesn’t matter how big or small
– If you don’t have results, share other people results who are in your opportunity (Don’t say they are your results)

If you decide to follow what I said in the “Don’t” section, you’ll fail….PERIOD! How do I know that? I have seen it time and time again.. yeah you might get lucky and have a few sales here and there but if you’re wanting to build a sustainable business then you seriously need to get away from the spamming game!

Isn’t it funny that all the people who are generating results in their business NEVER pitch in FB groups….Now I wonder why that is?

Follow the “Do” section my friends and your dreams will become a reality, that’s all I have done and that’s why I know it works..

Positive Action = Results = Income.

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