I went out for a run today and while I was having a break at the top of a huuuge hill – decided to ponder the days events and I started thinking… who loses out if I fail?

I started talking about doing what you want to do in life… you are in control of your own destiny and when we accept that, magic things happen (for those who embrace the fact anyway!)I closed by offering one of the biggest lines of wisdom I’ve taken from Mark Hoverson;

Who loses out if I fail or don’t produce?

In the case of me.. the number is crazy.. I have to be on my game with my coaching clients, the companies I consult for, my personal customers, my team… I’d say if I didnt perform the number would touch on millions of people – either directly or indirectly. Pretty scary, but pretty motivating to always be on your game.

Powerful stuff tonight.. all during a summer evening run.

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